Vuk Milutinović

My job is to turn the complicated into simple, to make computer software a joy to use, whether it's delivering multidimensional lists, financial models, or production processes.

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Phone number07951 052 005


Twitter handle@VukMilutinovic

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Data visualisation of date events

Pure JavaScript, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3

About the cube

  • Vanilla JavaScript – no frameworks or libraries.
  • CSS – responsive design
  • MySQL & PHP – Contact form and custom emails
  • Rotation is sublime work by Dirk Weber


Layout and functionality in CSS only

Pure CSS3, no JavaScript


UNIX, Mac, Windows

MySQL, PHP, XML, CSS, JavaScript


Shortcuts guide, easily extendable, with DOM node search

Pure JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Research & Development

Making bespoke software solutions, ranging from simple scripts, to advanced databases.

Finder list CSS

Ordered list rendered as Mac list view, but also any JSON rendered too

Pure JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

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